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I have been teaching myself lettering for just over a year now and it’s definitely one of the only hobbies, in my adult life, that I have kept up! I really enjoy it and actually find sitting down and scribbling away really therapeutic.

Over the past year I have built up quite a vast amount of lettering and art supplies and books but I still seem to be able to find more and more that I need to add to my wish list. I usually first see/hear about them when I’m scrolling through Instagram (which I find myself doing quite a lot!)

So I’ve put together a list of items I currently have my eyes on.


I already have quite a few of these pens but no where near the full set. I know I don’t need a full set but how dreamy would they look all sat together in their stand if I did?! I downloaded the Tombow colour chart which was a bit of a mistake as it really shows which ones you don’t have and need to add to your collection. However, it is a really useful chart, even if it does make you want to spend more and more money :/


Now before you say anything, I know they’re just pencils (and pricey pencils at that) but they look amazing for lettering. You can really get the darker lines for downstrokes and lighter lines for upstrokes. They’re also great for sketching things out as you can get a very light stroke making it easy to rub out. In the last few months I’ve really enjoyed using pencil for lettering. I always just considered pencil as a tool for drafting rather than a finished look but it can actually look very elegant. I’ve been putting off getting these more professional pencils because every time I go to buy them I think ‘well I could just use the standard pencil I already own’, but where is the fun in that?


I have been countlessly hypnotised by people using this ink in videos on Instagram. A couple of people who have influenced me to put this ink on my wish list are @typexsundry  who used it beautifully on watercolour painted paper and The Postmans Knock who gets a great white finish on her calligraphy written envelopes. This ink is definitely a must for me and I can’t wait to get my hands on it 🙂


I already have a very small version of this pad (I think it’s about A7!) but I really want an A4 size so I have more space to create. The Rhodia pads are great because they are safer for your brush pens. The type of paper means that your pens are less likely to fray and you get more of a smooth finish. Definitely needed to keep those Tombow Brush pens going a little longer.

HAND – LETTERING (An Interactive Guide to the Art of Drawing Letters)

I already have a few lettering guide books which I love but this one catches my eye because of it’s section 3  ‘adding colour and detail’. Plus it never hurts to have different guide books by different people, as they will all vary. Check out my 5 must-have books for beginners post.

I’m sure I will have lots of other items to add onto my wish list so I will try and keep updating it each month. 🙂

What are your favourite lettering supplies?

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