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Tutorial: Use your Tombows as watercolours!


Yes, you read it right! You can use your Tombows as a watercolour!

Using your Tombow brush pens as watercolours is so easy to do and you end up with fantastic results. We all know that some cheap watercolours can dry with a really powdery type look and a dull colour but Tombow pens stay bright with a smooth finish. I love it. In this post I’ll show you how I made this series of prints using my Tombow pens.

tombow as watercolour

So to begin with you will need:

  • Watercolour paper
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Tombow blending Palette
  • Water
  • Tombow pens
  • Paint brush

Firstly lightly outline your picture with a pencil on your watercolour paper. The lighter you can do this the better as it means there will be less rubbing out at the end. If I think that my lines are a bit too dark I’ll lightly go over them with the rubber before painting to make them only just visible.

Decide which colours you will need for your piece and colour a small swatch on your blending palette.

tombow brush pens

Here I have used two different yellows for my lemons. Using two different shades adds some more depth to your painting.

Now that you have done this step, spray a couple of pumps from Tombow water spray ontop of the colour. If you don’t have a spray then you can add the water with your paintbrush. This can actually be a lot easier sometimes as you can often experience ‘splash back’ with the spray and this isn’t great if you are doing the spraying close to your canvas. (Yes I did just use the words “splash back” :/)

Now you can start painting with your brush. One thing to bear in mind is that this method is very fast drying compared to watercolour paints. So if you are wanting to blend colours, for example, then you will need to work faster and perhaps add a little more water than you usually would.

tombow brush pens as watercolour paints

In my next step, I now worked with the greens. I find it easier to work with one colour scheme at a time especially as the blending palette isn’t that big so I didn’t want to risk the different colours mixing with each other.

Once your painting is dry you can then go over any visible pencil lines with a rubber.

tombow brush pens as watercolour paints

And voila! It’s THAT easy and I find you end up with great bright colours and a lovely blending effect.

I then added a few lines with some alphabet stamps I found in Tiger. I think these add a little bit extra to the prints.

with a cherry on topan apple a daywhen life gives you lemons

Have you used Tombows as watercolours? What did you think?

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