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TUTORIAL: Origami Style Flamingo Print


origami style flamingo print

I was feeling inspired by origami style shapes and decided to make this flamingo print. I love the messy watercolour effect with an added splatter around the image.

Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own origami style watercolour print 🙂

origami style flamingo print

Start off by drawing up a border around your paper. This makes sure your drawing will be centred with an even spacing around all edges. origami style flamingo printorigami style flamingo print

Lightly outline your drawing. Remember you’re drawing it in the style of origami so try to remember how paper folds and in what shape it would create. Google origami images for a bit of inspiration if you get stuck. Try not to make your image too intricate with lots of ‘folds’ drawn in. origami style flamingo printorigami style flamingo print

Once you have your image lightly outlined start to paint in the pieces. I painted the separate ‘folds’ of my flamingo slightly different shades of pink and as I love the messy watercolour effect I didn’t paint within the lines. It goes against everything you’re ever taught as a child when drawing, I’m pretty sure I remember getting gold stars for keeping in the lines, but the effect creates a playful, messy finish which I love. If you want to keep within the lines this is completely up to you. Once I had painted I then dipped my brush in a lot of paint and created the splattered effect around my flamingo.

Wait for your painting to dry and then go over the lines with a black fine pen. I used a Micron Pen
. Remember to keep the lines as straight as possible to keep up that origami effect.

Tag me on Instagram with your origami effect prints!

origami style flamingo print



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