TUTORIAL: Beautiful handmade cards using masking fluid




Follow this easy tutorial to create beautiful greeting cards using watercolours and masking fluid.



  • Large paint brush
  • Pencil
  • Watercolour paints
  • Watercolour paper
  • Masking Fluid

Firstly you will need to fold your piece of watercolour paper in half to create your openable card. You can decide what shape and size you would like this to be and whether it is going to be a horizontal or vertical card.

Then, sketch out lightly in pencil the words/shapes that you want to be kept white that won’t be painted on. These will be the words/shapes that you go over with your masking fluid.


I used the Schmincke Masking Fluid Dispensing Bottle. The design of this bottle makes drawing and writing so much easier as the nib is very thin which allows you to go into more detail with your masking fluid. This is really useful if you are writing or if you are drawing intricate shapes. In the past I have tried using other masking fluids that come in a big bottle and you have to use a paint brush to paint the masking fluid on. I found this very difficult and would never go back to this method after finding the Schmincke bottle. Definitely worth a purchase!

So now you need to go over your penciled words/shapes.



Once you have gone over all of your writing wait for your masking fluid to dry. With the Schmincke blue masking fluid you can tell when it is dry as it goes a darker blue. Be sure that your masking fluid is completely dry as you don’t want to accidentally smudge it.


Next, get your large paintbrush and start painting your card with your chosen watercolours. I decided to blend purple and red with this card.


Now, wait for your watercolour to completely dry. Make yourself a nice cuppa while you wait, or a large white wine!


Once the paint is dry you can start to peel off your masking fluid. If it isn’t coming off very easily I find that using a rubber and rubbing at the masking fluid makes it come off a lot easier. It also rubs out any pencil marks left behind as you go. Two birds, one stone! 🙂


And then you are done and ready to impress your friends and family with your hand made cards. 🙂

Why not try out different styles too:



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