My work trip to Chile


Back in November 2015 I was lucky enough to visit two of the projects that the conservation charity I work for manages. One of the projects was in the South of Chile and was uncharacteristically snowy. Usually November is the end of their Spring, however, the cold and snow had decided to stick around for our trip this year. The other project was further North and a lot warmer. Both differed completely and were very beautiful.

Myself and my colleague met the brilliant people who work on the field at the projects and they gave us a proper tour of the area (I’m talking 5 hour treks up and down mountains in snow – ‘proper’).

So I thought I’d share my photos from these beautiful places, with a bit of an explanation. (All photos taken with my Fujifilm camera and a couple with a Canon 5D)


Me hiking up one of the snowy mountains in the Southern Chile Reserve



A close up of an Araucaria (monkey puzzle) tree. This project aims to protect this endangered species


The clouds rolling over the Araucaria, temperate, forest


Fungi growing on a log


A panorama of the reserve with the snowy volcano in the background on the right


Another of the view from one of our treks with the volcano in the back


A close up of the endangered Araucaria

Like I mentioned, we also visited another project further North which was a lot warmer and a completely different vibe. Lots of beautiful orchids and flowers, with a brilliant view of the sea and neighbouring towns.

pink flower

Some lovely pink flowers on the trail


We visited one of the PM’s houses in a nearby town. Her house was right on the sea and you could see penguins on an island close by (see pics below)


The view from the project trail of the coast

inside the forestsma

Inside the project forest


A pelican joining the penguins on the neighbouring island



Vultures join the penguins and pelicans on the island waiting for meat or eggs

blue flower



I love the appearance of the burned tips on this orchid


An amazing pink wall made up of little pink petalled flowers

I hope you have enjoyed my photos from my trip to Chile. Have you ever been? What was your experience like?



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