Tombow Dual Brush Pens

2016-02-14 06.59.23 1

2016-02-14 06.59.23 1

Tombow Brush Pens were one of the first brush pens I bought when I started lettering back in January. I decided to teach myself hand lettering after seeing loads of posts on Instagram and being so jealous that I couldn’t make pretty prints for my walls too. I saw most hand letterers using Tombow Brush Pens and so thought I would give them a whirl.

I have to say, there are so many different colours of these pens from pastels to vibrant colours which is great as it gives you a lot of variety. They’re also really good because they’re double ended so one end is a brush pen and the other end is ordinary fine tip.

Another positive to these pens is that they double up as a watercolour. You have to use them on watercolour paper for this to work, as I found out after many frustrated times wondering why it was working on ordinary paper. But once you get the hang of it it is such a great effect and they blend together so well.

One negative I found from these pens is that the brush pen ends seemed to fray after not many uses. Now that I have got more of the hang of it I know what makes pens fray and what doesn’t and how much pressure to apply etc. so often I am able to avoid this. But I would say that perhaps if you are starting out it would be best to practice with cheaper brush pens to avoid ruining good ones.

I bought my Tombow pens online as I couldn’t see any in any local art shops, but there are many places you can buy them from on the internet, it’s just a case of shopping around to find the cheapest places but I have made a small list of some;

Single pens:

here, here and here

Sets of pens:

here, here and here

Here’s some examples of the lettering I made with my Tombow brushes when I was first learning so you can see their effect.






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