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Silly about stationery: the best stationery shops


12 great places to buy beautiful stationery. 

I am a sucker for stationery. Always have been, probably always will be! (I know, proper rock and roll in’I!) I remember as a child when I would be going around the shops with my mum I would be desperate for her to buy me the latest smelly gel pens or a funky little notebook, probably with a ‘Groovy Girls’ design on the front because that was sooo the in-thing!

But even now, at 25 years old, I find myself being drawn towards the stationery section of a shop and passing time by looking at websites that sell beautifully designed stationery, recipe cards, journals, calendars, the lot! Even if I don’t need it, which usually let’s face it, I don’t, I still want it and have to have the latest marble pattern notebook just because.

So I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favourite places to go looking for these great stationery products and I’ve also included some shops that I’ve recently just discovered and can’t wait to explore some more. have a great range of products but their journals definitely have to be the most famous of them all and are the reason I started exploring the website. Their style focuses on bright colours, funny quotes, irreverent patterns and inspiring sayings and doodles. But overall their products are fun! I love flicking through my marble blonde 17 month diary because it’s full of fun stickers, pictures and doodles. You can find a similar one here or check on their website.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade’s products centre around ‘playful sophistication’. From beautiful and stylish card sets to Instagram worthy desk accessories, Kate Spade offers them all. I am loving these initialed tumblers, the only thing that is stopping me from buying it is that each initial is given a colour without choice, and green isn’t really for me. But on another note, how pretty is this notebook?


Kikki.k is a swedish design stationery boutique shop created by Kristina Karlsson. All the products are pretty and currently have a colourful pastel, airy theme. I’m currently eyeing up this gold stationery kit and this awesome sticker book! They also provide in-store workshops which definitely look worth checking out.


Papier’s focus is, funnily enough, on paper and stepping away from digitally messaging each other. They create beautifully designed products on quality printed paper to inspire the use of stationery and letters again. I love their patterns and designs on their products. They’re so beautifully created it just makes me want to buy them all. I’m specifically eyeing up this notebook (even better that my name is used on the example 🙂 ) and this palm leaf book.

Quill London

I’ve bought a few things from Quill London from their website but unfortunately never had the chance to go in their shop. It’s definitely on my to-do list. I really like that each time I have received a product from them in the post they have included a hand written note thanking me for buying the item. It’s a really nice touch and so simple. I bought the Finetec pearl metallics paint set and the pearl colours set. Both of which last ages and are so beautiful, I am so in love with them. Definitely worth buying. I’ve also bought some nibs from Quill London which I was so pleased with. Also, if you are interested in Modern Calligraphy they also host workshops.

Tom Dixon

I haven’t actually bought anything from Tom Dixon before and it is somewhere I have only stumbled upon recently. The items are a bit pricier than the other shops I have mentioned so it’s probably a place to buy from as a treat once in a while. What really drew me to Tom Dixon’s shop are the rose gold products. Definitely something I will be saving up for.

Papio Press

I cannot rave about Papio Press enough. I am literally IN. LOVE. WITH. ALL. OF THEIR. PRODUCTS! I currently have their weekly planner on my desk, their calendar on my wall and some beautiful cards of theirs ready to give to friends. I love their watercolour design style and that when you see a product you instantly can tell it’s a Papio Press product. I currently have my eye on all of their prints and I’m sure I will slowly build up a collection 🙂


Paperchase is great for all things stationery and luckily for me is just up the road from where I work. I recently bought some beautiful tissue paper from them and also some sheets of their wrapping paper to use as backgrounds when taking Instagram photos 🙂

Cath Kidson Stationery 

Cath Kidston’s designs are very famous and instantly you can spot one of their pattern designs from another. So why not have stationery in their designs too! How pretty is this rose long notepad for a to do list and this urban sketch – esque notebook.

Sass and Belle

This is another place I haven’t actually shopped from before and, like Tom Dixon, have only recently stubbled across. Their items are very cute and they have an array of items to brighten up your office and home. I love these chalkboard stickers and am thinking of buying them for labelling pots of flour and herbs and other kitchen goods at home 🙂

Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co.’s products are so gorgeous. I already have one of their beautiful prints up in my bedroom and would love to get some more. This year I landed on buying a journal but 2018 is definitely the year that I will buy one from Rifle Paper Co. I um’ed and ar’ed for ages over the one I got from and this Rifle Paper one this year. Their gift wrap is also something that I will be buying soon!


Tiger is great and so affordable. I have bought all sorts of amazing things from this shop, from scissors to paints to canvas’s to candles to side tables  and so on! If you’re ever in a town with a Tiger shop I would definitely recommend walking around it because I guarantee you won’t leave empty handed.

finetec metallic paints

Finetec Metallic Colour Paints from Quill London

best stationery shops

(From left to right) Rainforest Calendar – Papio Press, Gold Scissors – Tiger, Finetec metallic paints – Quill London, Blonde Marble 17 month journal –, Alphabet stamps – Tiger, Floral print – Rifle Paper Co, Gold bulldog clips and paper clips – Paperchase.

Best stationery shops

Papio Press Calendar and Journal

best stationery shops

Inside the journal

best stationery shops

Alphabet stamps from Tiger


Which are your favourite stationery shops? Let me know, I’m always on the hunt for new ones 🙂

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