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Last October and at the beginning of January I went to Poland to have dental work done. I realise that is a really odd sentence and to be honest it’s not something I ever imagined saying.

But here is the back story:

Last summer I was eating a midget gem and one cracked my tooth (those hard bastards!) The tooth it cracked was one I had previously had root canal treatment on in the UK and long story short it turned out my previous dentist had not completed the root canal properly leaving the tooth very weak. ‘Fuming‘ is an understatement of how I felt.

My new dentist told me the cracked tooth would have to be extracted and that I would need an implant and, on top of this bad news, the treatment would cost £2500+. I was completely freaking out about how I was going to afford this kind of money and rang my mum in a complete panic. (Yes, I still ring my mum in a panic at the age of 25 :)).

My mum’s neighbour is Polish and she only ever goes to the dentist back home in Poland rather than in the UK, even though she now lives here. She suggested I go out with her and get the treatment done there as the dentists are so good and so much cheaper. So that is what I did. 🙂

I am honestly so happy and grateful to my mum’s lovely neighbour and her family who welcomed me into their home and took me to the dentist in Poznań. I got to see Poland and save so much money. I also met so many lovely people along the way.

On my last visit, in January, my boyfriend came with me and we explored Poznań and we had a great time, despite it getting down to -13 degrees and snowing! I have one more trip to do (as they have to do the implant in three stages) and we hope to visit Kraków next time as we’ve been told it’s an amazing city.

Whilst we were in Poznań we went to a pub and very luckily met a girl our age who very kindly offered to give us a tour around the city. She showed us some amazing 3D wall art, the cathedral, churches, the town square and lots of other hidden gems.

If you ever need dental work or even if you have perfect noshers and just want to visit a beautiful place then I would definitely recommend Poland as a place to go 🙂

All of my photos below were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6












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