Making a den!



I seriously reverted back to my childhood last weekend and made a den in the living room. I’d seen some pictures on Pinterest and was inspired to make my own. Through some trial and error myself and my boyfriend got there in the end and it ended up staying up for the whole weekend because it felt so cosy. We’re both trying to save money and so this was a fun idea on a budget.

So here’s how we (mostly my boyfriend) did it;

I had some twine string, small wooden pegs, safety pins and bulldog clips. We took the pictures down off the wall behind the sofa and wrapped the twine around one picture hook and fed it over to the picture hook next to it and led it to the windows on the opposite wall and tied it around the handles on the windows too. This made a sort of rectangle of string from one wall to the other.

We then safety pinned two bed sheets together and pegged them onto the string so that they were draped over the sofa area.

Sorry about the poor quality picture but I was too excited about sitting in the den and watching a film! 🙂

Making a den

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