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As I’ve been away the beginning of November to Switzerland and Poland (both lovely places to visit if you get a chance!) I have only just been able to open my beautiful November beauty box from Look Fantastic. The box is decorated with a Christmassy silvery theme this month, #LFSPARKLE, which was so lovely to open as it made me feel those christmas vibes!

As always, the box came with the month’s Elle magazine and a bundle of great products from some well known brands.


11091117-1314295054599482 Look Good Feel Better – angled blending brush (£6.99)

Look Good Feel Better is a worldwide charity that provides support for women and teenagers struggling with visible side effects of cancer. One of the ways they support people with cancer is by providing skincare and make up workshops, so you know when you purchase their products that the money is going to a good cause.

The bristles on the brush are really soft and so it blends products really easily. I love the feel of this brush and it’s great that it all comes from such a great charity.


MONU skin – Recovery Balm 25ml  (£25 50ml)

I haven’t been using this product long enough to give a good enough review of how well this works for your skin yet. The product says it is good for all skin types as well as sensitive and stressed skin. You put the balm on morning and evening after cleansing. The ingredients are jam packed with lots of different oils, including coconut oil, so I am expecting good things from this product. Hopefully it will be the holy grail for the bags under my eyes (fingers crossed!)


L’Oreal Professional’s Mythic Oil Original Oil 30 ml (£14.00 100ml)

Mythic Oil has a very subtle scent to it but I can’t put my finger on what the scent is, it’s nice but I’m just not sure what it is (if anyone knows then let me in on the secret!)

The oil is ‘infused’ with avocado oil and grape seed oil – all good things for the hair. The product claims to also tackle frizz. It definitely feels light weight in your hair and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy or sodden. You only need a pea sized blob though, anymore and you might be feeling a bit like a greasy teenager from an awful teen movie!


MODEL co Blush, Peach Bellini (£16.00)

I don’t usually wear blush as I sometimes feel I’m too pale for pink cheeks and it can make me feel a bit young or doll looking. I see girls pull it off and I just wanna grab them by the shoulders and shout “WHAT IS YOUR SECRET, WOMAN!” but I don’t think that would go down too well.

But this blusher is a really lovely colour. It came in Peach Bellini and it almost has a highlighter type quality to it which is really nice. You can see from this picture how shimmery it is on my finger! (But maybe the picture doesn’t do it justice!)


If you’re into blusher, or even if you’re not, it’s definitely worth a try when you have some extra money.


Sebastian – Volupt Spray 50ml (£15.82 150ml)

I’m actually yet to use this product but their statement is that “Your hair will be lifted from the roots but left soft and pliable so you can achieve endless styles!” so if this is true then this is every girl’s dream, surely? Time will tell.

The spray smells amazing so I’m looking forward to spraying a few pumps of this on my damp hair, just for the smell!


Bloom and Blossom – Revitalising leg and foot spray 50ml (£14.00 100ml)

So first things first, I have to be honest, I never would have thought to buy a leg and foot revitalising spray. Bloom and Blossom say “Swollen ankles and rapidly growing tootsies? The Bloom and Blossom Revitalising Foot & Leg Spray has been created to alleviate water retention to refresh tired, heavy limbs. Perfect to keep in your handbag for fast relief on-the-go.”

After reading this, I still don’t know that I need this product. Maybe if I was going on a long haul flight because that’s probably the only time my feet have felt swollen and uncomfortable. But I love Bloom and Blossom so I will give this product a try, perhaps after a night out wearing some uncomfortable high heels!

LookFantastic Glittery Nail File

This glittery nail file is gorgeous. A great nail file to carry around in your handbag especially over the festive season as its silvery sparkle is beautiful and very Christmassy. A definite winner!

* * * *

Overall I’m really happy with November’s box! It’s been nice to have a box that isn’t mainly hand creams (which there seem to have been a lot of recently) and I’m looking forward to using the products I haven’t had a chance to use yet, especially the hair products as I have quite dry damaged hair from using hair dye WAY too much than I should.

If you want to check out Look Fantastic’s Beauty Boxes then follow this link 🙂 Or if you have any questions, comment below! Thanks for reading.

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