Why I started a blog


why I started a blog

I’ve not been blogging for a huge amount of time so I thought I’d write a post about why I started this recently and why it’s two main focuses (hand-lettering & beauty) may not seem to go hand-in-hand.

I basically started teaching myself hand-lettering and modern calligraphy back in January. I’ve been loving learning this art and creating pieces that I can feel proud of. I’m currently putting an Etsy shop  together with downloadable pieces & I get really enthusiastic about the idea of other people enjoying my work. I’ve learnt a lot about different materials, techniques and do’s & don’ts along the way and so I thought I would start a blog as a place to talk about the things I’ve learnt and share my experiences with hand-lettering. I’ve created lettering and modern calligraphy posts which you can see here  and also some easy to follow tutorials here. 

As I started expanding my blog post collection on lettering I started to notice that a lot of things I do are also classified as ‘Arts & Crafts‘ as I really love to create watercolour & painted pieces to either compliment hand lettered prints or to be created as a separate piece so I decided to create a separate category for these types of posts.

why I started a blog


On top of this passion for hand lettering & calligraphy I love exploring affordable make up & cosmetic products and decided to incorporate these into my blog. I know that people who are interested in hand lettering may not be interested in beauty, and vice versa, but as these are my main interests I felt I really wanted to include them both on Charletters. I love exploring different makes and styles of make up and beauty products and really enjoy sharing these thoughts.

I love creating blog posts and it’s been really interesting to see the slow evolution of my blog. I’m definitely still finding my feet with it all but hope that some posts come of interest or are helpful to it’s readers! 🙂


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