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Photo: Ikea Website


Photo: Ikea Website

Photo: Ikea Website

As it’s still summer (I’m literally crossing my fingers as we speak that summer will last longer than the weather forecast is predicting) I thought I’d chat about ways to make your garden more welcoming and cosy.

I’ve taken this photo from Ikea website because, like the big hypocrite I am, my garden is full of weeds with really long grass! I love the ideas Ikea puts up on their website, it’s so visual and inspiring. I recently bought their gazebo and the netting for my garden and I absolutely fell in love with it. I thought it was a really decent price for £85 for this gazebo as most I had been eyeing up were more in the £100-£300 region which wasn’t really in my budget.

I’m also a massive fan of fairy lights and plants. My house is filled with both and, in keeping in tradition, so is my gazebo now. It makes sitting out there in the evening so cosy and it’s lovely in the day as you don’t have to worry about wind and rain.

So here is my lust list for creating a beautiful garden space. Just click on the image to find where to buy it 🙂
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