Bathwick Hill: Bath skyline walk


I went for a very shortened version of the Bath Skyline walk yesterday and just walked up Bathwick Hill and back down through Bathwick fields. It was so lovely and felt like true fresh country air, you’d have no idea you were so close to the city (apart from the amazing view of it giving it away). I love the colour of the tops of the roofs against the colour of the Bath stone that you get from that stunning view.

The actual skyline walk actually has about 10 stages to it and I did about half of the 1st one! (it’s not that I’m lazy, I only had an hour in my lunch :p) I’d love to do the whole walk and see Bathampton wood and Prior Park Gardens, it is definitely on the to-do list! If you’ve done the whole trail let me know and tag me in your photos 🙂

All the below pictures were taken with olympus Pen E-PL7, kit lens.


16602958_10158399577715389_2187057771798637446_n 16603049_10158399569695389_7753940873640690041_n





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